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Voice Acting Looking For A Female Voice For My Cartoon Series

Discussion in 'Voice Acting' started by V3XL0R, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. V3XL0R
    Personifying Music Since 1994
    Hey there! I created and animate a show called "Mister Reaper", which centers around a reaper who ends up teaching an apprentice how to become a reaper throughout the show. It's a comedy show that I'd say is only for adult viewers because of the cursing and sexual innuendos. Anyways, I'm in need of a female voice who can play a witch that kind of has a thing for Reaper, even though he's married. It won't let me link the channel the show is on, but I'd be more than happy to show you the episodes that are already up on the channel. Either that or just search for "Personify Pictures" on YouTube and you should find it quickly. I'd need this asap and I'd need someone who could commit to future episodes as said character because she will be a recurring character. If you need more info, I'd be more than happy to provide it.
  2. Kiyleex
    New Member
    I’ve never done this before. I don’t have anything for recording besides my phone, but I have more of a every kid like voice. Very high pitch. I’ve been told a lot I would do well in cartoons.

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