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Loaded Question about my channel. Should I split??

Discussion in 'Strategies & Technique Advice' started by DarrenEm, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. DarrenEm
    New Member

    My channel started off as an offroad motorcycle Motovlog channel. I think things were going really well, but then I moved and didn't have access to the same type of terrain. I abandoned the channel for a while. I ended up renaming it to a more general channel name "ADV Outdoors" and began posting about ATV and Side by Sides during the riding season and then a lot of ice fishing in the winter. I have noticed that the ice fishing ones seem to do a lot better than the riding ones and have gained me the most subscribers. I am worried about losing the new subscribers in the Spring when I start posting riding videos again.

    I am wondering if I should split the channel. Maybe ADV Outdoors and ADV Offroad? The thing is, I don't have too much free time to film/edit consistently for 2 different channels. The other thing is I'm at around 700 subs right now trying to make a hard push for 1000. A split now, will take me back in progress pretty far!

    I feel like the quality of my videos warrants a lot more subscribers than what I have and also want some advice on how to get my videos out there, if anyone is interested in checking it out. Basically ANY tips and pointers are appreciated. Thanks!
  2. tahlia
    Liking YTtalk
    I mean, the content that you're mentioning sounds similar enough to me that it could remain on one channel, in my opinion? Although it's tricky because you could end up with a split of viewers who are there for a specific type of video and ignore the rest, but with the size of your channel I feel like it's probably beneficial to be uploading as much as you can despite the differences in content and just trying to hook in a stable viewer-base; personally I would probably keep everything mushed together right now and change it up in the future if I saw necessary for whatever reason per my own perspective/my viewer's complaints/less-than-ideal analytics
    Side note: I love your channel art!! Looks a lot more put together than mine does, that's fore sure haha
  3. Messages:
    I wouldn't split, those are similar enough that it fits within the same audience. For example, my channel is about teaching people how to edit videos, but if I throw in a camera review every now and then, it still fits within my target audience.
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