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Meet Up/Gathering Kitwe/Ndola area - Zambia

Discussion in 'Meet Ups & Gatherings' started by TGP-ROB, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. TGP-ROB
    Liking YTtalk
    Was wondering if any Zambian YouTubers exist in the area im currently in.
    My channel is a group of lads that do gaming but 2 of us have so far shared a few vlogs which have also been quite successful to the channel in our eyes.

    Just looking for a collab/gatho to see if we have anything in common on youtube and if we could record together and see if Zambians can also make a youtube career here.
    With the load shedding and s****y internet.

    Ohh also, not too be rude but id prefer age groups to be 16/17 up
    Most of the lads are still in school with myself being the exception.

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