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Keywords / Video Tags - What should I do? (Demographic = 2 - 5 year olds)


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Jun 12, 2018
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We are about to launch our YouTube channel (about 10 videos done and ready to post). Our demographic will click on any thumbnail (if it is appealing) regardless of what keyword is searched for (by their parents).

My question is... Should I appeal to the masses with popular/competitive keywords like 'Kids Videos' with the hope that in the first 48 hours YouTube will rank the video and it will take off as the masses will like it. OR, target low competition keywords?

Our videos are of a quality better than many which have hundreds of millions of views, however I just want to get the keyword side of things done properly to ensure we start out with the best chance of succeeding.

Thanks in advance to anyone with the experience to answer (please don't give advice unless you have experience on YouTube).

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Jan 17, 2017
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target low competition keywords?
I would go with low competition keywords (I try to do this) Is is SO hard to rank high on "kids videos" or things a long that line so unless you have a budget to promote massively I wouldnt take that road.
Our videos are of a quality better than many which have hundreds of millions of views
Yes so you say, but are you sure??:) all of us feel kind of this way (we all got the best channel in our niche right?) But from time to time we got to take a step back and an honest look at our videos to see if this is the truth. Im NOT saying that your videos arent good but just to take a critical look...Best of luck with it
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