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Animation Joke Theorists

Studz McGee

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Oct 14, 2017
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Hey, everyone, I've had this wonderful idea for a series for a while and was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping with it. I love Game Theorist's and Film Theorist's stuff, and their logo of the xbox player indication signs are a neat thing, and I was wondering what a third could be. Then it dawned on me: joke theorists.

It would be a parody series of theories that hold comedic value, but are taken seriously in the video and over-analyzed with false and ridiculous evidence. For example, there would be obvious ones that we make out to sound like breaking news like "Gabriel Reyes is REAPER?!?!" (Overwatch) and theories that make no sense but we try to make sense of them, like "Nyan Dog".

What I would need is someone, or someones (I don't know if it would take a group of animators/editors), to edit and animate things in a similar game theorist/film theorist manner. It would be work for sure, but a lot of fun, and anyone who helped would definitely receive credit and potentially compensation if the series ever takes off.

Contact me via
1. This thread (which I check but not often)
2. Email (Which I check every other day if not daily) StudzMcGeeBiz@gmail.com
3. Twitter (Which I check often) @TheStudzMcGee
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