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Is this why the rich get richer? (feedback on animation video)


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Jan 17, 2017
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I made a short animation about inequality and how rich people/contries take advantage of poor contries and I really would appreciate it if I could have your take on this.

This is the video:

So here is what I want to ask you

1. I know the thumbnail isnt the best quality but do you think the picture says a lot about the video or?

2. I tried to keep the animation in one picture. Do you think it works or should I do a more traditionel "slide to the side" animation

3. Title and tags?? Could/should I do something else?? I know the are VERY hard to rank high on but on the other hands it says much about the video and you never know if the vid could get picked up. But tell me what you think?

4. the video in general?? tell me what you think about the points/claims i make. Are the fair or way off??

thanks for you time. Peace :)
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