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Animation Interested in making short animated sketches? brain


Mar 1, 2018
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Hi all,

I’m a new starter to YouTube. Have had a channel in the past for gaming videos but ended quickly.

I now wish to have a channel where I can speak about what’s going on in the world, possibly move into a podcast in the future and also create/design and produce animated short videos.

I especially love shorts like “Cyanide & Happiness”.

The art is basic, stick figures with animated faces. But the messages are strong, they convey real emotion (good or bad).

That’s what I’m interested in doing. I think there is a good story teller in me and I just need a like minded person (or people) to help drag it out and jump in head first.

I would like to animate or be part of the animation team but unfortunately have zero experience there. Apart from watching YouTube clips of animations with Flash (drawingwithjazza) shows some good tutorials.

Let me know if there is anyone out there with the same drive and interest and perhaps we can brain storm and see what happens?

Thanks for your time :)
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