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Important read before posting or creating a thread

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Aug 31, 2011
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When posting in another members thread within this forum or any of the other video forums it is important that you do not promote your own content for example requesting them to view an embedded video of your own or check out your channel etc, this is derailing their thread and turning attention to yourself and can also make you come across as desperate for views (most people ignore such requests), please post your own thread within this forum if you would like others to watch your videos or view your channel. Members we find that are doing this repeatedly may have their posting permissions permanently removed from the Videos, Channels, Reviews and Milestones forum or have their account limited.

Thread Creators

To help keep your threads clean and free of spam the YTtalk team ask of you to please hit the red report button whenever someone is promoting within your own thread. This is considered as a form of spamming and to help us keep this forum clean of it as possible, reporting it will allow us to deal with things efficiently and effectively.

All members should be creating their own threads rather than posting back to your own with "check out my video" and so on.

Reporting these posts allows us to keep your thread clean and free of spam and makes the bumps you use more beneficial for yourself rather than those promoting within yours.

We would like to thank everyone in advance for helping with this and for taking note of this.

Last updated 21/01/2013
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