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Commentary If youre reacting to Videos, this might be a collab option for you!

Discussion in 'Commentary' started by FireSkill903, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. FireSkill903
    Active Member
    Hello there.

    I will take it short;

    I have got an edit channel (new link, the one down here doesnt work anymore, ill edit that soon) for a game most of you all should have heard of atleast once - Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

    Basically, 'edit' channel means that I am editing clips of good or lucky plays and making short film animations out of that - here is an example of how this looks like in the end (my channel); LINK COMING SOON

    Now, coming to the collab topic - what I was thinking about was searching for people who do reaction videos of all kind, and create something better than the clips I have created until now, so they can use that material before it's uploaded, to have a reaction video ready for when the edit gets uploaded - the result would be that the reactor has got good and new material while the video would get more attention through him - there has to be a plus for both sides, alright..

    So in short summary, if youre interested, this is how we will procceed;

    I (& partner) will make a new, better edit than the ones before.

    After its finished, you will be sent that edit and will have some time to make a reaction video for it.

    As youre finished with creating a reaction video -

    I will upload the edit,

    slightly after you will upload the reaction video,

    Result: The video gets more attention while you have good new material and youre one of the first people to have reacted to a video that might get more than just a few hundred views (we are expecting atleast 2500 within 1 week for now, and with your help we are also pretty sure to go much higher).

    If youre interested;

    Discord: FiREX_XT#4293/demented#0126


    See you then! Happy creating!

    (posted in multiple topics cause it fits into more than one)

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