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I'd like some feedback on my commentary and pacing

Discussion in 'Reviews & Channel Feedback' started by Minyin Valarauco, Oct 11, 2018 at 4:50 AM.

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    I just recently put up a new video on youtube and I would appreciate any and all feedback to know how I'm doing with my pacing and commentary. Should I try to talk more about elements in the game while I'm playing? How is the lighting for my cam? Does it seem fun and enjoyable? I know all about the volume lvl of the game on my recordings versus my own voice. So this current one and next week are from the same day, I've cut down the game sound some more and will see if that works out better on the following videos. It's frustrating to play a game and talk about it and read the speech text to an audience and not have them hear me because I'm competing with the game music/sound.
  2. Boki
    I've Got It
    I've watched some of it - the video is perfectly fine, I can understand what you're saying, the game sounds do not interfere with your voice.
    Howeveeeer - change the cover pic. :) If you want, e-mail the imagery you want to use and I'll whip up something fast. It may not be the best thing in the world but it wouldn't be the squashed image that's currently in place. :)
  3. Divine Authority
    I've Got It
    It was okay. Voice is clear, nothing wrong with the lighting and the game sounds doesn't cover up your voice. My only complain is that the video is way too long. 10 minutes maximum for a play through should be fine especially if you are a small YouTuber. Keep it up !!!
  4. eroM
    Well-Known Member
    I agree with @Boki - You should really change your channel banner artwork. It's squashed and hard to read.

    I watched a little bit of your video and there is some pretty significant reflection with your glasses. You can fix this by elevating the camera so that it's higher than the TV and you.

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