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i think i'm done chasing the youtube dream

Discussion in 'YouTube Chat, Gossip & Help' started by Scotty Byrd, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. DougieBoy
    Well-Known Member
    It's not always a bad thing to take a step back from YouTube if you don't feel motivated. I did, and now I'm heading back into the YouTube ring with more motivation then ever before. YouTube can be very frustrating for a small youtuber, especially if you see very little channel growth or no growth at all. While you watch as other small youtubers moving forward. I completely understand that. But don't ever just give up. Maybe take a step back and decide if the content your creating is what your really passionate about. If it is, then think of ways that you can improve on that whether it would be better audio, better video, more editing, or just engaging with your community more.

    I was just looking at your channel, are you a gaming news channel or a gaming channel or a news channel? That confused me and that would confuse a lot of people. Secondly, The tags that you put on your video(s) are vague at best if you put any at all. Try putting some keywords from your title in the tags. That would help. Your voice is good for commentary.
  2. George Hudson
    YTtalk Mad
    Honestly mate keep going, I'm stuck at the moment numbers wise too but if your doing it because you enjoy uploading then there shouldn't be an issue. There is a saying that is amazing.... no matter what happens, KEEP MOVING FORWARD. It fits into this situation extremely well.

    So your not getting the views, change things up and keep going, KEEP MOVING FORWARD.
    Your not getting subs, enhance the viewer experience and KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

    Do this and you'll enjoy it a lot more and who knows may even see a lot more growth!
  3. MikeSchimm
    I've Got It
    If it's the numbers you're concerned about, try learning a little more about thumbnails, titles, and SEO. Yes, YouTube lacks in helping smaller channels, but they certainly won't force feed you everything to help you grow. You also have to put in a little effort yourself. If you give yourself some times to learn these things, you have the potential of being a great channel!
  4. TheDutchTexan
    I Love YTtalk
    Good, move on to better things! Or, slow down, create what you want to create with zero pressure and have fun with it. I do not have a set schedule, upload 1-2 a month and no one ever complains that I don't upload weekly. It is the best hobby in the world if you let it be a hobby. It can also become your main job if you are lucky. But it doesn't have to be.
  5. Scotty Byrd
    Well-Known Member
    i add my commenary using my a turtle beach headset and my other channel is more seo based and has actual thumbnails its still doing the same with numbers !! honestly haven
    t made banners and thumbnails due to my computeer being on the edge of death which is why i'm quiting until i have a macbook with after effects its just going to be a generic channel! id rather just delete my channel and be happy i don't have to worry about family finding me talking s**t on the internet lol
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 18, 2018 at 9:57 PM ---
    i just addd thumbnails after i upload however i just don't feel like making thumbnails lol like my passion for youtube is gone completely i am a full time affiliate marketer so i already spend too much time on my computer to want to mess with my youtube especially since the new ad system is trash lol!! As well my headset broke so i can't add commentary might as well just sell weed llol
  6. Messages:
    If your biggest concern is views, somehow you must edit your video to make it more appealing for the audience. specially the thumbnail and title.

    If it’s true like we’re assuming you’re uploading from Xbox directly to youtube no need of editing, then why not Stream it tho? it’ll be automatically uploaded to your channel, I believe there’s feature for it. i’m not familiar with xbox

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