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I need advise with specific OBS settings for profile using Facetime. If you know OBS please help!

Mr. Noob

New Member
May 27, 2019
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I'm trying to do a react channel. It will be me and my partner reacting in real time to a video while I'm Facetiming my partner. While I'm new to OBS, most of the general usage seems comfortable. But I can't get the settings right for what I need to do. I use an iMac and have downloaded Soundflower to make videos with "audio-in" quality sound using Quicktime to make the videos to react to. My main problem is with the audio settings in OBS. I need to not only record my internal mic and react video (audio) along with my partners Facetime audio, but he needs to be able to hear it all on his end as well so we can do this in real time. I need to be able to keep these audio tracks separate when I import it into iMovie for editing. Also, what's the best way to have his Facetime video and my iMac cam integrate with OBS? I currently am trying to use Quicktime to record my end. Has anyone tried this? Any advise?