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I GOT A FREE BMW! new project car

Discussion in 'Autos & Vehicles' started by BobbyKryptonite, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. BobbyKryptonite
    I Love YTtalk
    Hi everyone, here is a video I shot back in the summer. I have created a new channel for automotive content. I am going to upload project car vlogs, classic car show vlogs and hopefully one day rally spectator footage :)

    About the car - this was a very lucky find. I was working two days a week at my local garage during the summer. This beautiful little 2002 BMW 316ti (E46 compact) failed its MOT (UK annual inspection test) and was headed for the crusher (a 15 year old BMW isn't worth much in the UK, it wasn't worth the owner getting it fixed). I asked if I could buy it and the owner said I could have it for free. I ordered all the parts it needed to pass an inspection and have since fitted most of them. The video is a little walk around and talk about my plans for the car :)

    A few numbers/specs

    engine - 1.8 litre inline 4 DOHC
    output - 114 bhp

    I have given it new discs and pads all round, one new suspension arm and new handbrake shoes. I also did an alloy wheel refurb and some bodywork :)

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