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How You Can Rank Your Videos Higher In Search

Discussion in 'YouTube Video Marketing, Strategy & SEO' started by Cosy, Feb 26, 2017.

  1. Cosy
    Liking YTtalk
    Hey guys, I have been recently trying to improve my SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ,basically the term for trying to rank your videos higher in the search results, and i have been researching and experimenting a lot and i would like to share with you what i have came up with.

    A couple years ago i uploaded a 1 hour version of the song candyland , The longest video i have ever uploaded, and my video is is ranked second , third and fourth for multiple key words. This leads me to believe watch time is the biggest factor in ranking your videos high in the search, but when i looked at the tags my specific but very searchable tags where all ranked extremely high.

    So my advice is too upload videos that are long but make sure they are watchable to try and get the most amount of watch time you can. Also make sure your main keyword is in the title of the video and also mention it and other searchable keywords in the description, while still using them as tags.

    Good luck to everyone ranking there videos high :)

    candy tags.PNG
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  2. AmuseYourBrain
    YTtalk Mad
    Yes you are right on this. Last few months i also looked on many different videos and i noticed the lenght of top videos. My kid watch all the time some I must say stupid videos but all that videos have milions and milions of views and all that videos are from 10 - 15min. And many top YouTubers said that is much higher pay rate on longer videos. So you are right 100 percent
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  3. elasticcat
    You are spot on, watch time and social engagement are key factors in the ranking process. Sharing your video in relevant facebook groups or Google Plus Groups are great ways to get that interaction going. I have also found that chopping a long video down into a series of videos and connecting them together via the annotations is a great way to keep the user engaged, but also not make them feel like they are watching a long drawn out movie at the same time.
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  4. Famous
    I've Got It
    Yes, definitely correct. In watching YouTube videos on the subject by Video Influencers, Darral Eves and even those produced by YouTube, YouTube is pushing for longer duration videos. All three talk about longer videos having a greater influence on the new ranking algorithms. Based on what I've listened to and read about it sounds like YouTube is trying to transition to... or outright create... a television/movie network.

    The bad part is how videos will be produced or found as a result. Maybe people need a how-to video on something simple... the 15 minute videos get pushed to the top of the results, burying the 2 minute video, which got to the point faster and people on their way quicker. As the information spreads, so does the likelihood of creators bloating their content to game the algorithm.

    I like how you made the discovery by looking at your own statistics though. That was cool. Like the inductive reasoning used in films like "Conspiracy Theory" or "The Number 23". Great stuff!
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