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How to See Who Viewed your YouTube Videos 2018

Discussion in 'Howto & Style' started by Boris Qs, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. Boris Qs
    Super Poster
    knowing who's watching your videos, will Not only give you valuable information about the types of people your viewers are, but it also gives you an idea of the number of people viewing the Channel over a period of time

    This information can then be used to tweak your Channel to make it more appealing to the people who are viewing it.

    So if you have been looking for ways to see who viewed your videos, make sure to watch the video

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    Tube Mechanics Note Guide
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    Self Certification-Self Approve Videos for Monetization on YouTube

    We get frustrated when the monetization icon changes back-and-forth between green and yellow. Thats because youtubes automated ads systems run multiple scans to determine whether a given video meets their advertiser-friendly content guidelines. we all know that

    we all also know that the systems don't always get it right, That's why Youtube is at the verge of releasing a new feature called self certification to solve the yellow monetization icon problem

    Watch the video to find out more about this new feature and how it will help you monetize your videos with ease

    Tube Mechanics Note Guide
    Free Download Link: https://tubemechanicsnotes.com/

    How to Get the Old Youtube Layout Back 2018

    If you are a season YouTuber you probably know that Youtube has recently redesigned the creator studio page completely, Adding some new features along the way,

    The new design has received its share of criticism, and for good reasons....

    Personally I like the new design the only problems I face till date is finding some of the features I guess I just have to get used to it
    Tube Mechanics Note Guide

    If you do not like the new design for whatever reason and you want to revert to the classic layout

    Then watch the video for that and much more

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