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How to play on your guitar!

Diversified Unison

Loving YTtalk
Sep 5, 2017
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Youtuber, Musician, Other
Hey guys here is the full tutorial for Only Exception by Paramore. I shared how they actually played and also shared how I played in our latest cover and changed the idea. Check it out!! :D


Courtney Candice

I Love YTtalk
Jan 1, 2017
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Great video! I’m currently taking guitar lessons, I took piano lessons when I was in high school and I wanted learn how to play guitar. I actually had my guitar since 6 grade I always wanted to learn, but I couldn’t at that time because I was to busy with school. I started writing lyrics at a very young age and I always wanted to pursue my passion in music so I created a YouTube channel, but right now I don’t have any of music on my channel yet. I was wondering if you answer a few of my questions regarding covering songs. I know you have to have a mechanical and synthesizer license to be able to cover songs and make videos with them, I was wondering if you could tell how i can go about getting them? And maybe give me some information on it.
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