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How to multiply clicks on Subscribe End Screen !!!!!


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Oct 31, 2017
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Sharing a couple of very simple tips which I learnt through trial and error. You can implement immediately for results.

1. Subscribe end card(channel logo end card)! Yours might be showing 'thousands' of times to generate maybe 5 or so clicks? Or you may be doing better than that -but either way you can multiple this engagement by around x8 times!!! How? Move your subscribe channel logo from the top-right/top-left/bottom-right/bottom-left where it is just 'white noise' and ignored by all.. and whack it right in the centre of the screen for the maximum 20 seconds allowed. Causes maximum noticeability where it cannot be ignored. Now people have the choice of pressing it or not pressing it. But either way they have to make a decision which they never thought about before. Check your stats in a few days and see I'm right. May help if you minimise the duration and amount of the other end screen cards.

2. Don't mindlessly ask for subscribers. Thats also white noise.. you may as well have not asked at all. Instead simply add 'why' or 'what' they get out of it. To motivate someone to take an action involves the need to know what 'they Get' out of it.. or they need to be emotionally motivated. Example: subscribe to see follow up video.. subscribe to see more cat videos .. to not miss the .. and you'll get more of.. etc etc. Takes some practice to learn what your viewer values and not what you think or want them to value. There's a big difference but hard to see the wood for the trees.
Jun 11, 2012
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True I'v never asked someone to sub in my videos :) I figure if they like it, they will anyway :)
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