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How To Grow On Youtube

Discussion in 'YouTube Tips, Tutorials, Help & Guides' started by WingsOfRush, Apr 11, 2017.


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  1. WingsOfRush
    Now Listen Up Ladies and Gentlemen, Because I Have Some News For Ya.

    Now, before i go off ranting about YouTube, lets talk about me so you know where i have been. I have 3 Accounts on YouTube (CarlPlayz, 156 Subs; WoR Gaming, 152 Subs; WingsOfRush, 8 Subs)
    I have been uploading for around 4 years, and have had minimal success.

    Now Here's Where it gets tricky. The One question every Youtuber Asks HimSelf/HerSelf.


    You put in a lot of effort into your videos. It probably takes you between 30 minutes - 4 hours to edit a video on average, and you add every tag you can think of. You tell yourself "I want what they have". You want their Brand new house with all your friends like faze. You want fan mail, you want to do crazy things, anbd you wanna be recognized while walking down the street.

    You google "How to grow on YouTube" and they all say the same.

    1. Have Good Mic and Video Quality
    2. Be Yourself, And Don't Be Quiet/Boring
    3. Be Original
    4. Collab With Friends, Be Nice
    5. Interact With Community
    6. Avoid Minecraft, and Dont Sub4Sub
    7. Good Editing, and Share ON Social Media

    You are sick of hearing the same thing and you want a loophole. you NEED something to give you that boost to set you ahead and be noticed. That is why you are sitting here reading this right now, and im gonna tell you. I am gonna answer the great question:


    Here's the Simple Truth. You Dont.
    You Can't Be Famous On Youtube
    You Can't Be Rich From Youtube
    now hear me out on this. trust me and read this if you still believe on growing because this will still help you in the long run.

    As someone who has done A LOT (A lot, Lot, LOOOOOTT) of research, I have tinkered with many things and discovered that not many things help you grow.

    You do tutorials? Someone has already done it.
    You Wanna Play Your New Game? Someone has played it.
    Wanna do a make-up tutorial? Someone is better.

    It is the simple hard truth to YouTube. Small channels do not show up on search results anymore and that is why YouTube is dying

    I am gonna say a little 'Theory' Here that will p**s anyone off who is trying, and committed to youtube.
    Here it is:

    The Small Stay Small; and The Big Get Bigger.

    It is hard to admit. but it is true!?
    When people search: "Call Of Duty Funny Moments"
    And they see;
    "VanossGaming - 803,472 Views - 20,000,000 Subscribers"
    and below that, they see
    "GreenLizard375 - 12 Views - 23 Subscribers"

    Not You. you need that advantage to bring people from his videos, to your videos.
    So what do you do?

    Click Bait.
    You put boobs in your thumbnail, You give a creative Title, You Do Something original and the video is PERFECT overall. But still, No Views? Sure you gained a few from fappy little 7th graders seeing cleavage for their first time. But still, nothing. So now what? You Give Up?


    You watch videos. you get inspired. you get a great idea that will surely take off. You Record, edit for hours, and make sure its perfect. Something happens that will only happen once in a lifetime in that video. You tell your friends how great it is and then BAM you upload it.
    Congrats! you earned 4 Subs and got 46 views!

    Its not worth it. it is just not. you can try. it takes some youtubers 6+ years to gain that much attention. but you can't do that, can you? you are either gonna be in college, starting a job, meeting a girl , paying bills.

    You can't do it. that is why, YOU JUST CAN NOT WIN ON YOUTUBE.

    Now listen closely. i have been ranting on about how screwed up the system is. but now i REALLY am gonna tell you how to become famous on you tube.

    Gateway Videos: Whats That?
    'Viral Video' is what the cool kids call it.
    Trending is another word for it.
    creating a viral videos takes A LOT of luck. combined with great timing, Sharing, and minimal amount of skill.

    How to create a viral video?

    as you go under the trending tab on YouTube, 66.67% of the videos you see will be the following:
    1. Talk show Host Highlights (Jimmy Fallen, Blah Blah Blah)
    2. Celebrities making a video (Dewayne Johnson, Morgan Freeman, Etc..)
    3. Or Youtubers with 6mil+ Subscribers.

    So does this seem fair? No. Does it sound Familiar? Yes. \/

    It is literally the Big Getting Bigger

    So to make it on the miraculous tab, You need Something AMAZING TO HAPPEN, Something so incredibly adorable it is irresistible, something SUUUUPPPEEERRR Interesting, or some insane, INSANE luck

    So Yea. This is not what you expected but i respect you if you read all the way through to the bottom. if you wanna cuss me out, discuss, or ask any questions, just comment on this post. C YA

    #1 WingsOfRush, Apr 11, 2017
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  2. BryMan1
    Active Member
    from my point of view, id agree with you, despite putting links on my facebook, and people saying they are funny videos I should keep doing them etc, I still only have 11 subscribers, despite 3-400 friends...
    I do agree that unless your video has been "viral'd" of either, famous, something on tv, someone in a fight, my fun with the kids and me learning the art of digital magic is going to waste, how ever coz of the fun we have I shall keep going....the sad thing is everytime we put a video up my son is asking have we got more subscribers yet etc... "no son :(" so what we do is try and come up with better ideas to make a clip worth watching....
    its one of the reasons I came on here to learn more about your tube... but my opinion goes further than you tube, it spreads to twitter also, its a numbers and a popularity contest :( the famous people ask questions and get 100's or even 1000's of people replying, but rarely reply to the comments....and never reply to my question I have for them, Zach King for example, famous on you tube and vines etc, but I ask him for some advice... and surprise surprise nothing... I know he may get lots of messages but I find I get none regardless of who it is....
  3. Bluelaade
    I agree with you, but I also refuse to let that be the case. Thanks to this message, it has now put me back into the spirit to keep trying. I refuse to let YouTube be that way for me. I believe you can do anything you want, as long as you keep pushing and pushing and pushing harder. YouTube is somewhat like a bully. A bully who never lets you do what you want without making you feel like sh*t. But I intend on beating that bully. I intend on fighting back against YouTube to show them that smaller channels CAN become big. I will push to become a bigger channel, and if I feel like I'm being resisted, I'll push harder. I don't want to become big for the money or for the attention, my main purpose for becoming big (as of now), is to prove a point to YouTube and all the other YouTubers out there. No matter what, there is always that slight chance of a small channel becoming bigger. However, if you give up, you will never have that slight chance.
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  4. The NotARubicon!
    NotARubicon Productions
    But... then.. HOW did the BIG get BIG? Were they not once small also?

    ..i would change all of your "can't"s to "probably wont and the odds are really stacked against you"...
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  5. WingsOfRush
    I didnt mean for this to be cruel, but i was being realistic.
    and the BIG got BIG because they were the first ones on youtube. when an original video was actually original, and they got big before youtube was overflooded with channels trying to be famous

    Back Then, When people typed in "CoD Funny Moments" the closest tag popped up. Not pewdiepie with a CoD Clickbait title.
    It didnt matter how many subscribers or viewers you had, your name popped up.
    #5 WingsOfRush, Apr 12, 2017
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2017
  6. MostShockingEP
    I Love YTtalk
    Because most of what was written is not true, I will simply say to others that all you need to get big or jump start you road to get big fast is one good video and smart promotion.
    P.S. next time when your create "How To Grow On Youtube" topic in "YouTube Tips, Tutorials, Help & Guides" only to talk about what you know nothing about and demotivate every small channel on this forum, i recommend you create this sort of thread in "YouTube Chat, Gossip & Help" and name it something different.
    Good day to you!
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  7. WingsOfRush
    Next time you comment on someones post and tell them what they should do, you should instead worry about your famous channel with 3k subs. don't go accusing me of what i do or don't know. i posted this in "YouTube Tips, Tutorials, Help & Guides" because i did give you tips on how to grow; with my opinion alongside it. If this demotivating to you or other channels, then obviously you aren't committed enough to even have a YouTube channel. Good Day :)
  8. MostShockingEP
    I Love YTtalk
    I am so sorry to upset you, I was just trying to motivate new channels after a very long what for me look like a demotivate to not to start YouTube channel in your post. Not everyone here is want to be super famous, some do it for fun as a hobby and do not really care much about other things. If I offended you in any way I want to apologize.
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  9. Heather White
    Loving YTtalk
    If you double your videos, you will essentially double your views.
  10. Messages:
    Hi Newbie here
    Well that read was a lot to take in, i heard the violins coming out
    at first i got a hole in my tummy reading it because the is actually telling all the creators to give up on doing our videos because its just not worth it, if you are doing videos to make money then it may seem that way especially if your not going to get no financial gain from it, but what if you are just doing videos just to entertain and we have so much fun doing our videos that's the most important thing, we have fun as a family to, and editing part is just as fun,
    anyway i am so glad i saw the posts underneath it made me feel loads better,
    because the more time we learn and research the more we try them out and keep trying to gain them views, xx
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