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How To Create Better And Gain More Exposure On Your Videos!

Discussion in 'YouTube Tips, Tutorials, Help & Guides' started by SmokeySpace, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. SmokeySpace
    I've Got It
    In this guid I am going to give you guys advice on creating and gaining for exposure (more views + subscribers) on your channel. I am a gaming channel but these tips will go out to everyone, good luck and I hope this helps :D

    First let me introduce myself, like I said I run a gaming channel, SmokeySpace, and I do Funny Moments which I spend hours on perfecting and improving from the last video, I've been on YouTube for over a year now and I've learned quite a few things to help you create proffetional videos and help them gain exposure.

    So first you need to come up with an idea, stick to one topic (gaming, fashion, vlogs) and maybe get even more specific if you can, like for gaming you could do commentaries or funny moments, this will help keep your audience as they will come back to the same things they subscribed for. Then you want to see what you can get ranked in to get views, I'll go into tags and stuff later but to start find one tag that you could get ranked in, one that isn't too competitive but still has an audience, I personally use TubeBuddy, if you don't have this add on definitely get it, you can search tags to see these things and it will give you recommendations for tags, different stats from your channel, and more. But for now find a good keyword or tag using tube buddy that you could make and/or include in a video so that you can get ranked

    Next it's time to making your video. I'm sure you've already heard it before but the first few seconds is the most important, maybe make a funny line or a summary of the video to start it off, or kill 2 birds with one stone and do both. Next depends on what type of video you are doing, if you are doing a commentary or anything with just you talking, use audacity to clean up some of the stutters and blank spots in your commentary (trust me it happens to everyone, I'm especially bad at going blank) and also you can remove background noise in audacity as well. Then I always like to add music to the background of my videos, usually nothing with lyrics because it can interfere with the commentary or really anything, NCS is popular although it seems to be the same old same old so I don't use them anymore, instead just search on YouTube "no copyright music" or a type "no copyright happy music" and pick out a good one to use. Also make sure it's not too loud or quiet in your video. Once you are done, I always like to add an outro, and with the new end card system I just took a copyright free space image and put "SmokeySpace" for my channel on it, then threw it in at the end of my video with some outro music (this is good with lyrics just make sure it's copyright free) and then added the end screen annotations. And that's about it, if you want a reference for anything I said in this section check out one of my latest videos (especially the funny moments, that's what I referenced most)

    Next, time to make the thumbnail, I use gimp which is free and similar to photoshop. I've learned to master the program and really enjoy it, you can make some really good thumbnails, better than mine, if you look at my channel trailer video "which at the moment is my gmod murder funny moments" I have the gmod murder text that I made in gimp and I am very proud of it, it looks very nice and you can make even better in gimp, along with channel art, banners, and outros.

    Now, uploading, title, tags, and description. Make a catchy first line, all caps may catch more attention but you don't have to, then throw in as many keywords as you can, while still making it flow, try to fill up the whole title box. I'm the description, put you title, along with all your tags, this doesn't have to flow but at least try your best, also making social media is a good idea, it doesn't help you grow, unlike what people say, at least from my expiriance, but you can reach your subscribers there. Then put those links in your description. For the tags, don't waste putting "funny" or "gameplay" because those aren't going to get you noticed. Now if you said something like "funny call of duty gameplay moments" that might work a little better, just check them out in TubeBuddy mentioned before. And those key words that could get you ranked, but them in your title as well as your description (along with the rest of your tags) then add your thumbnail, and change your category accordingly, if it's gaming make sure to add the game title in the category.

    Last, sharing. I've heard so many people say "share it on social media, it helps a lot!" And while you are small, it really doesn't. Again this is from my experience but just sharing it on social media isn't going to help you a whole lot, yes it may tell your subscribers you uploaded, but for me, not many of my subscribers follow me on social media so it doesn't matter. But when you do put it on social media add some #'s on to it and you may get a view or 2 from that. Otherwise share it on google+ communities, I've gained 1 or 2 subs from it and a few views but it at least does something. Then put it on forums, or just talk to people on forums like this one and they may check out your channel. Other than that YouTube is a luck of the draw, which sucks, but you just keep going and hope you get lucky, or you take the long rout, as I've been doing for over a year. Never give up, and good luck to all of you creators!
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