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How to become mcn in 2019?


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Jul 20, 2019
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Friends I'm wondering how to become multi channel network?


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Aug 22, 2019
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I made a little research, because I'm interested in making a MCN too.

1. I want to give a little information before everything else:
Multi Channel Network (MCN): Bigger corporate establishment which have thousands of channels under it's umbrella.
Virtual Networks: While MCNs take care of serious stuff like partner payout management, bringing in newer revenue streams etc; Virtual Networks or Subnetworks come under the MCNs and usually manage the front end processes like scouting for new talent and helping them in optimizing their YouTube channels.
(About virtual networks [Subnetworks] I've read that they are some kind of illegal, but i'm not sure, so if someone who knows more about them, please reply to the thread).
Content Aggregators: These are the smallest type of YouTube networks either under an MCN directly or through a sub network. They usually aggregate similar content creators and sometimes help them in production, editing etc.
(For content aggregators I don't know how the things are happening, and have some questions like: Are they managing Content ID or not? And in detailed information if someone can explain, what's the whole job of them?)

2. You need a partner manager. The question here is how to become a partner manager.
I looked over the web archive (here) and found the requirements from March 2019:
- You must be in the Youtube Partner Program and your channel complies with the YT PP Policies
- You must have at least 100 000 subscribers and 400 000 watch hours in the previous 12 months.
- You musn't have community guideline strikes and you musn't have more than 1 copyright strike in your channel's history (Note: If you don't have strikes and your channel is in good health, this is a plus for you!)
- Your content adheres to the Advertiser-friendly guidelines
- If you have contract with a MCN you can still sign up which is good
- Your country must be supported (Here's a link which the countries supported) https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6361049

3. If you succeed with the Partner Manager Application - good, if not, then try next time. For 2019 Partner Manager Applications are on March 2019 and the next one is in September 2019.
So, Let's say you are a partner manager now and you're the only one who manages everything, so in this case you have to make an aggressive business plan and strategy. When you make this plan as Partner Manager you have to start your application process for MCN.
I'm gonna stop here and make a little spoiler.

I have read some articles but they were a little old, in some of them is written that you (The Partner Manager) have to write to youtube support so you can start the application process, so I'm not sure how this process is happening because i haven't seen an MCN Application Form, so if someone who knows more about this, please give a reply to this thread.

4. Let's say you have a MCN already and now what's next?

This is all i can write for now, so my questions about p.4 are:
When you have access to MCN Dashboard, do you have to apply for Content ID or you have it already, because you are MCN?
If someone wants to join, how can I review it's channel? Do I have to require channel login data , or what?
I read somewhere that an MCN can add up to 20 channels per calendar year, is that true?
How can I add content ID assets to the Content ID database?

And the bigger question is what happens next after all these?

If someone who knows more about the topic is reading, please give us a light. If you have experience as a MCN, please also share a little with us.