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How do ypu guys go about advertising on social media

Discussion in 'Branding and Channel Design' started by joshgrahamvlogman234, Jul 24, 2018.

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    Here's what I'm doing:

    Facebook: not having any luck at all, mainly because ever since I opened the account around a month ago Facebook's algorithm has repeatedly assumed something's wrong with my account, locks me out, and asks for a photo to prove I'm me and then takes a couple of days to unlock again. A few hours later, their algorithm finds me again, assumes the same thing and the cycle continues. I can't build a community like that but hope to figure out what the *cough* is going on.

    Twitter: I don't have any followers either but have been posting and have started responding to others' posts, as well as posting in response to trends. Nothing so far despite doing that on and off for 3 weeks. I'm planning on promoting to people in my niche though, and giving them an incentive to Follow me there. Hopefully that should kick-start me.

    Instagram: I'm doing better here! What I'm doing is mostly to do with words (I analyse fictional characters) so it's tricky to think of things to upload. That said, I have come up with some things. You can find me on thecharacterconsultancy if you care to look. I post tips made into visual graphics (which seem to do quite well), random things in my brand colours (hence the peppers, sunflowers etc.!), teasers of my Youtube videos, occasional pictures of me just to be relatable, and random pictures of other things just so I can tag a range of different things. That's more because I'm struggling for content though, but if it raises my profile at all while I'm still in that fledgling stage then that's fine by me.

    Pinterest: I haven't started on there yet but mean to as soon as I've got enough to do one big flush of content.

    Tumblr: I've uploaded quite a lot of stuff to there but found the community to be really blinkered when it comes to anty kind of engagement. At the moment I'm just duplicating blog entries I'm putting up somewhere else just in case it helps raise my profile. Tumblr is tricky to find any real information on - it's a social media site but doesn't really make it easy to actually interact with others while maintaining the integrity of your own blog.

    Now that I've said all of that out loud I realise where I need to strengthen my own campaign. Thanks for nudging me to do that, even though you didn't mean to (or did you? :O_o2:)
  2. videoeditgr
    I Love YTtalk
    I have this funny feeling that Youtube IS a social media
    and furthermore competing the others now on.

    Ok. Offtopic. Sorry :)
  3. the_drifting_dad
    Liking YTtalk
    It is a form of social media, but cross promotion is necessary in today's world. If you are not doing that you are missing out on a lot of views!
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