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How do you guys make your videos?

Discussion in 'Video Editing, Recording, Software & Hardware' started by PhysicsFreak101, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. PhysicsFreak101
    What a Gamer
    I am curious about everyone's editing process, and there are a few people I know off the top of my head who would like to know how I edit my videos. Please post your editing process's down below!

    My Editing Process :
    1. Import all video and audio files into the editor before I start, I hate having to search around on my hard drive for what I want.
    2. Sync Video and Audio together
    3. Cut up my video, and get all the clips I want, normally takes around 1.5x the length of the recording
    4. Group up the clips into types, and randomly drag them into place, in order to still keep a consistency through-out the video, but also add some randomness in.
    5. Start adding subtitles and adjusting audio levels to polish up our jokes and audio.
    6. Add any effects to the videos that I want, and fix any errors that were made in the previous steps
    7. Take random footage, blur it, add one of my favorite comments on top, add some text, and then choose outro music, now I have my outro!
    8. Add any bits in the video where I have to explain something or add an intro if necessary.
    That's pretty much my whole process, it normally takes around 12-15 hours total to make each video, and I am interested in how other people edit the same types of videos, and how to edit other types of videos.
  2. UhoohExtra
    I Love YTtalk
    I organise all my raw footage clips sorting them into Good, Bad, Okay. I give them names as well before importing them into my project. Then go through all my still images to find favourites ones that I might want to use and import into project. I always put transitions in my timeline last otherwise it seems to slow down stuff. I do my voice overlay next, and add music backing tracks last.
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  3. Kyonite
    I've Got It
    Man, everybody talks about their editing process and all the steps and stuff, but I've just never had one. I just kinda cut up whatever clips and audio I want in whatever order and than edit. Whether it's keyframe stuff or music or whatever, I just kinda add it as I see fit while rewatching it in the timeline.
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  4. Nicekid76
    The Bostonian YTtalker
    I actually have my whole process written out in a word document. trying my best to actually follow it.
    I did this because a while ago I was going to hire an editor / a friend was going to do it so wanted to know which part I would have them do. Didn't end up happening but still helpped me.

    TLDR - I write a lot and am really into planning for some reason.
    [Edited because I realize you only asked about the Editing portion]

    Post Productions (File Management) - Ingest and Offlining workflow
    Transfer Media to Scratch Drive on Computer (an SSD)
    Backup Media to Archive Drive (honestly never do this though)
    Put SD card back in Camera and Audio Recorder
    Organize Media into Folder Structure (Video, Audio, Music, Pictures, Graphics)
    Load Media into Timeline
    Sync, Group and Trim Video with Audi

    Post Productions (Editing)
    Rough Edit (Radio Edit) - Editing without looking at the video, just listening to audio
    Sequence Edit (idk if I use the term correctly but finer edit)
    Broll, Anno, Sound Edit - Supplemental Media Workflow (when I add broll, open captions etc)
    Transition Edit (idk, mainly trying to add J and L cuts as I really like J and L cuts
    Music Edit

    Post Productions (Audio Edit and Mix)
    Process Vocal Audio – I use Levelator but lately have been getting really disappointed by what it creates.
    Music Frequency Ducting, - (if I have time I will edit the music so my voice can sit in the music (or atleast I think so) without having to completely lower the music)

    Post Production (Final Touches)
    Final Check (probably the first time I watch the video from start to finish at 1x speed)
    Rendering - I render to another SSD than the one I edit on. idk supposedly saves time
    Thumbnail Design - Use a photo from production or a still from the video timeline
  5. Freyal
    Well-Known Member
    Phew! That's quite a process. I wish mine had such organization to it.

    I generally just take the clip of the recording, throw it into Sony Vegas, and trim, cut, and add as I see fit. Really no process other than that! I watch it once the whole way through prior to rendering, and then after to make sure it rendered correctly.
  6. Fost
    YTtalk Mad
    • Skim video and remember as much as I can as far as editing
    • Drop videos in editor
    • Add clips if needed
    • Add text or sound effect if needed
    • Cut a few silent spaces throughout process
    • Let it process through editor
    • Hit the Forums, support the homies or anything else
    • Test finish product, make trailers or Fo$t Shorts if I the material is good enough
    • Upload to YouTube
    • Hit Forums
    • Vibe out to music or record games, or anything else
    • Repeat process

    Ranges from 1-3 hours usually unless the recording session was bad then it can double to 4-6 hours
  7. MindfulInquirer
    I've Got It
    - Write up my text on Word.
    - Record through mic' in many many takes (voice cracks, misreading, brainfarts etc) on DAW recording software with EQ and noisegate plugins.
    - Go get a royalty free background track that fits the atmosphere of the topic
    - Open Filmora and a Firefox page and look for images that fit what's being described by by voice. Edit like crazy.

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