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How do you guys come up with ideas?

Discussion in 'Scripts, Script Writing, Video Ideas & Planning' started by Jack McKenna, Jan 11, 2018.


Try to post everyday even if its nothing?

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  1. Jack McKenna
    So I am fairly new on the youtube scene but I have a very strong desire to keep making stuff... the problem is... I don't really know what to make!

    Sometimes I just want to make a video so bad that I just turn on the camera and point at my face until I say something mildly interesting or funny haha, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't...

    Do you guys have any ideas? Do you just wait until the creative energy strikes? Do you ye suffer from self doubt and fear like I do?
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  2. zhkopec
    I've Got It
    Search "Norm Macdonald Live - Adam Eget's question (ft. Letterman)" it's the 26 second vid on yt

    Then the real answer is, it's all about mindset. If you train yourself to sit and talk until you fill up the SDcard with content, then you will get better at it. Eventually you'll be able to ramble on for an hour without stopping. It's a skill that needs to be developed.

    For me, I have the continuing mindset of "could I film what I'm doing now and make it interesting?" Most of the time the answer is NO. But, it's about building the habit of being in the mindset.

    Everyone suffers from fear and self doubt. That's just human nature. The real skill is pushing forward and doing things anyway.
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  3. Wahduhhec
    Active Member
    I always find myself to get stuck on what to record on a daily basis. I have a Instagram account and usually post up funny skit videos and actually get a lot of views and comments. But I wish i can transfer that amount of attention towards my youtube channel, expect, since my channel is about vlogging I never know what to vlog about since vlogs aren't necessarily short. I definitely want quality in my videos rather than just throw anything up and be boring. I know most people have this problem, but how do you deal with it? WHAT DO YOU DO? I DONT WANT A BORING CHANNEL! ):
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  4. Crown
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Administrator
    Moved to the scripts / ideas / planning forum. :)
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  5. AceOfBats
    I've Got It
    We have a solid schedule. I have 6 main themes that we do, and write up an outline for everything. We do Movie Trailer Parodys, Deck Recipes, a special beer segment, editorials, actual games and unboxings (All Yugioh related, it makes sense in context.) And i usually rotate most of the videos. Like we only do our Trailer Parodies called Honest Deck Profiles on Saturdays (Usually), box openings the day after a release, etc. We try to keep it very structured so we can stick to a schedule. It's difficult, but I might suggest having a programming line-up. Like you could do a "News Day" and another "Adventure Day" and a "Movie Review" day or what have you. Just a thought.

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