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How do you come up with your video ideas?


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Jul 7, 2012
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For me it depends on the content I'm making.

If I'm making a fictional drama story I think about the story I want to tell. I take notes on my phone of interesting things I see or hear about throughout the day that I think can contribute to the story.

I'll then sit at my computer review the notes on my phone and write a short description of the general story I'm looking to tell. After that I write up a script and dialogue that the characters in my story will say. By then I'm usually on a role writing my script and know the direction I want to go in. If not I take a break (sometimes even sleep on it,) review what I've got and make the necessary changes.

If I'm doing a review of something like a product, video or TV show I basically know what I want to cover and write out a dialog script of what to say in the video.
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