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Varlais Alata

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Jan 4, 2017
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I think your avatar/ channel art look wonderful.
Your about page is good too.

Your thumbnails aren't "visually interesting" enough to draw in potential viewers, and by that I mean;

Most of youtubes views stem from mobile sources, so if you have any particular features (text/ images) you want noticed in your thumbnail, it's good to make them a minimum of 20-25% of the image, and make sure they contrast the background enough (Lights Vs. Darks) so that they stand out.

Also, be sure that the thumbnail background isn't more 'visually interesting' than the forground/ other parts you want noticed. You can achieve this by slightly blurring the background, or dulling the background color a bit.

It might help if you take examples//notes from channels you admire, to see what works for them/ question why you like them.

Your channel is lacking the one thing that sets apart successful gaming channels from the ones that fall behind: Personality.

Because viewers like unique styles, not brands.
Imagine you're chillin' on one side of a couch with a complete stranger, who's on the other side of the couch, and you're watching him play a game.

15 minutes went by and he didn't say a word the entire game play, doesn't sound like too much fun huh?
The same could be applied to videos.

So if you do commentary, you'd already have a better chance at gaining viewers/subscribers than those who just upload plain game play footage, because you can be yourself, and that's what's going to draw in the viewers, your personal style.

Keep in mind that it's totally okay to be a little silly in your videos, don't take yourself too seriously, being weird is nice actually, embrace it, I don't know why people train themselves to not be weird, that's like the worst thing ever.
So learn to laugh at yourself, being genuine will increase your chances even more at finding a following that actually wants to support you.

But don't 'force positivity' even on the days you aren't feeling so great/enthused, it's totally okay to show that side of you too, as long as you don't complain too much, otherwise, the video might leave your viewers with a feeling of dread.

Also your titles are a bit... plain. They're straight forward, which is good, but youtube demands more clickable titles/ thumbnails to attract potential viewers.

You want to make your titles semi-clickbaity but not so much that they're misleading.
Just make them a bit interesting, and make sure they sort of scream what the video is about.

As a small channel, do not try to compete with large channels, especially when it comes to oversaturated games, for common search terms. Instead target specialized search terms with your SEO. It is better to get a good chunk of the traffic from an infrequently-searched term than no traffic from a commonly-searched term.

For example:

AwesomeVideoGame | Gameplay #23 Where is she hiding?


She disappeared!! Did "Badass GameBoss Name" kill her!?? | AwesomeVideoGame #23

Which one would you be more likely to click on?

I hope I didn't judge you too harshly but hey, I'm just trying to help :) good luck on your youtube journey!!
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