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How Do I Stop Feeling Anxious Over my Content?

Discussion in 'YouTube Chat, Gossip & Help' started by Justine, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. OrbitGuy
    Loving YTtalk
    I understand the advice to make what you like, and obviously you don't want to make content you don't like. However I do think it reduces anxiety immensely when you figure out what your new audience likes. You don't have to totally change your other stuff but you could still mix it in sort of. I will say this is the big downside of doing variety on a channel.

    Yeah I've been there though, I had a random game video series get popular like 8 months after I had made the videos and I hadn't played the game since nor did I want to play it again. I just kept doing what I was currently doing because it was working okay too but other people would follow what is hot and it's just a matter of what you want your channel to be about.
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  2. Symph
    I'm a dude with a face and I know how to use it.
    Yeah this is what scares me about my own channel. I've thought hard about what "niche" I could do but honestly I just think if I try to niche myself I will not upload regular content and I'll grow to hate being so boxed in. I think it's better for me to just actually be able to upload than to try and limit myself and yet at the same time, it causes anxiety to be so all over the place haha... I think you're right though, finding a theme and sticking with it, and giving your audience what they want is definitely the safe route, and possibly even the smart one.

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