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Services High quality production of everything stated


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Jul 22, 2016
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I have profound knowledge in all services that are stated in the rules!

I can make you animated,voice over intro/outro 50$** or credit*

Pro vectorized graphics(Banners, thumbnails…) 50$** or credit*

Music 50$** or credit*

The voice over is recorded with professional gear.

Intros and outros are maximum length of 15 seconds,vectorized graphics can be reviewed 2 times,and musical pieces can vary but usually not longer than a minute..

**This price can vary depending on the quality, length and requirement of the client.
*I can work some pieces for credits, but that will depend on the client's popularity and niche.

[I know that isn't stated but you can remove this option freely]I can also make you website and/or software.

Don't mind to contact me for cooperation