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Help with q and a for my channel?

Discussion in 'Scripts, Script Writing, Video Ideas & Planning' started by Jules Askalotl, Sep 4, 2017.

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    Hey guys, could you help me with some q and a for my channel? I am based around owning pets, but I want to expand my channel to include more about me so the viewers feel a better connection to the channel host. Can you help me with some questions that I should answer in my "about me" type video?
  2. Dutchie in England
    Exploring England one video at a time!
    What was the first pet you owned?
    Which animal would you love to own?
    Which animal would you love to own if there were no restrictions of money and rules?
    What originated your love for animals?
    What is your top tip for people who are looking for their first pet ever?

    Hope this helped a bit n.n

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn EVA-L09 met Tapatalk
  3. Mcrocks9
    I've Got It
    1 - favourite music genre

    2 - favourite album you own (disc not digital)

    3 - do you own any music magazines

    4 - own any music shirts/hoodies

    5 - ever been to a concert

    6 - what is your dream concert

    7 - guilty pleasure song(s)

    8 - most albums you own from a artist (disc/digital)

    9 - most songs from one band

    10 - last song you listened to

    11 - how many songs do you have on your phone/MP3 player

    12 - favourite artist(s)/band(s)

    13 - least favourite genre

    14 - first song you had on your phone/MP3 player

    15 - are you good at any instrument(s)

    16 - one artist to meet in person

    17 - old artist/band to make a comeback

    18 - one artist to see in concert

    19 - top 5 albums you own (disc/digital)

    20 - favourite music video

    I got these questions from someone on here but I don't remember who.

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