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Getting started let's playing

Discussion in 'Video Production' started by ChaseocavoTYtalk, Jun 27, 2017.

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    hello everyone I'm new here but I've better doing Let'sPlays on YouTube for a while now and I thought I would share some knowledge to help some new people get started.

    1. First, you're going to need a decent computer. you could probably get way without out a good computer if you're going to record console games but it still helps.

    2. Next, you're going to need a way to record your gameplay I recommend OBS classic it's free and has pretty good quality. if you're doing consoles then you should get a capture card. I have an Elgato HD 60 and it works pretty good you can also us if with OBS which is Perry nice. But if you can't get a capture card look into the PS4 gameplay recording thing they have I don't use it so I can't relay talk that much about it but I've seen some recordings with it and it looks like okay free alternative to capture cards.

    3. Editing software. now for this, it depends on what you want to do with your videos I'll go over what I do and some software option and you can make a pick for yourself. So I record my voice and the gameplay separate I have OBS record my voice for a bit and synchronize it with the same bit in the voice file. I use Audacity to record my voice it's also free and really good. next, sometimes I add a face cam which I just synchronize the audio for the webcam and the voice recording. clapping make it really easy to synchronize audio just a little tip. now on the fun stuff first is windows movie maker it's okay if you record everything in one file and just want in add an intro make some jump cuts or add and outro but that pretty much it. next, if you have a mac I think there a much better free option but I've never looked into it so. now what I use is Adobe Premiere Elements 14 it's about 100$ - 80$ but it's really good if you want your need something with more option for editing stuff look more than one audio and video tracks make it tons better than movie maker.

    4. Next is a photo editing software you'll use then to make thumbnails, channel banners, and other stuff. As you would expect Photoshop is the bomb but also expensive. I use a software called paint.net it okay and is free but I'm saving up to get Photoshop Photoshop Elements which is around 100$ - 80$ just Adobe Premiere Elements.

    well there's a like something to help you get a start I hope it was useful

    if you have any question or just want to talk feel free to leave a comment.
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  2. PopsLetsPlay
    UBER Gamer
    Very well put ChaseocavoTYtalk. I practically do everything the same as you, except for how i synchronize my gameplay/facecam and audio. I open Audacity and OBS at the same time while i have OBS ready to record my game. When i'm ready i go to Audacity, hit record and wait 3 seconds (i can use that bit of silence to reduce noise later). Afterwards I count down from 10. On 5 I hit record on OBS and after 1 I start my introduction
  3. Skydmark1
    Active Member
    What's the advantage to recording your voice using Audacity? I'm just getting started, but I use OBS Studio and have it record my mic and desktop audio. I always do a test to get my levels right, some games are louder than others for example. But it seems like recording separately and syncing is extra work? Not arguing your method, just wondering if there's an advantage.
  4. KYLEX
    Hi Chaseocavo,

    I noticed by your post you are a seasoned OBS veteran... I started using it last night just experimenting. I have had the following problems which maybe you could help me with please.

    1. I plan to start a channel in the new year and am preparing for it at the moment, testing everything out, I did a test run and recorded FM12 - (Football Manager 12) along with my face capture thing on there so I had webcam video and FM12 running behind me. the game worked brilliantly until the match engine started playing it then froze for a for long periods of time and when it carried on it jumped so large chunks where missed. it did this a few times whilst playing the video back but didn't seem to do it whilst I was recording.

    2. Do you have any idea how to get my internet browser (google Chrome) to record on OBS, like i said i can get gameplay and webcam to work but not my browser... any ideas?

    Any help would be gratefully received.

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