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Future of YouTube Kids


Nov 19, 2019
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Sorry for my English, it's not my native language.

I don't want to get into details on the whole COPPA issue, since I am one of the creators that creates 100% content for kids. So I have no doubts that I need to mark my whole channels as "for kids".
Since I treat my channel as a main source of living I wonder about the future. Making money on YouTube is a no-go. Without all the features, especially personalized ads, there is no point in
uploading any content there. So the only way to still be able to distribute and have a revenue is to make sure my content in on YouTube Kids. I see few problems here:

1) Nobody knows how to get your videos there. It's all up to YouTube if they decide to accept your video into the platform. Now only one of my videos can be found there.
2) I checked the revenue on this video and it is ridiculously small, like 90% from classic YouTube to 10% from YT Kids. That makes sense since there are no personalized ads on YT Kids.
3) YouTube Kids is basically video-only service at the moment. No comments, no community, no end-cards. Basically more amateur version of Netflix. Creators are treated as clients,
who can get their content there if YouTube decide so.
4) You cannot put product placement on your videos in YT KIDS, according to YouTube new regulations.

My point is - making money on YouTube Kids will be as hard as on on regular YouTube after 01.01.2020. If not harder.
What are your thoughts on that? How is YouTube manage to keep their revenue on kids channels? It was their main source of income, I cannot imagine they will just drop it.

I am afraid that they will be making deals mainly with the biggest channels, who produce lots of TV quality content, and make small channels slowly fade away.
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