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Free software for making graphics? You got it!

Discussion in 'Branding and Channel Design' started by sickmind33, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. spartanfit1
    Liking YTtalk
    I have been using Pixlr myself. I guess I should try some of the others and compare the difference between them. Although I am horrible at thumbnails but learning slowly. Thanks for the list SickMind33
  2. FloFloBear
    Well-Known Member
    I use Blender for 3d models. FireAlpaca is pretty cool for doodles!
  3. KanSanG
    I see someone used Gimpshop...What's the difference between Gimp and Gimpshop ???
  4. Digital Beast
    Loving YTtalk
    I've been using pixlr for a few vids and it looks great! If anyone needs help, you can find many great tutorials!

    It's actually how I made my outro base!
  5. Curiosity Ridge
    I make Videos
    I use Pixlr.com, if you are familiar with Photoshop then Pixlr will be easy to use.
  6. Southpaw27
    I'm not sure if this one has been shared, but postermywall.com is a good option. You have to play with the sizes to get it right for what you are creating, but it is very easy to use and they have a lot of templates you can modify to create different things for your channel.
  7. Joolsdveye
    New Member
    Yeah some good tools above and here's my contribution and list of tools, plus the best places to find great free graphics for your vid projects:

    OutroMaker is a YouTube tool that will help you create animated outros. Free Trial available with templates.

    Canva is in my opinion the best graphics tool on line. If you’re not using this tool I suggest you start creating some stunning graphics for your video ads, posts etc.

    AdobeSpark create animated graphics, banners and more.

    Pixir is an excellent free online image editing software.

    Animatly will let you create animated banners and videos for free with their online editor.

    Picozu is a graphics online editor with some excellent features. Also come with a Chrome extension.

    Gravit is an excellent, cross platform, online, design and graphics editor.

    Genialy is a great online editor very similar to Canva. You can create social media images, infographics, interactive content and a whole lot more. Recommended tool with a free option.

    Stencil is a great tool with a generous free option for creating stunning visual content.

    Gimp is a great alternative and free alternative to Photoshop.

    Odyseay is a free tool that will let you create template based interactive stories.

    Visme is an excellent design and visual communications tool. You can create infographics, banner ads, social graphics and more.

    Easilly will let you create infographics.

    Hp5 is a tool for creating interactive graphics and content with some great features and totally free to use.

    Embedly is a very effective platform on the web to engage your audience through rich media embeds, such and social media post, banners and more.

    DesignFeed is another excellent banner and social media post maker.

    HubSpot are always giving great templates away and this is a set of 15 excellent infographic templates.

    Background Burner Free online tool to remove the background from images.

    Autoclipping is another background removal tool but you pay $0.05 for your downloads or a little more if you are not a subscriber.

    EditPhotoFree is another Free background removal tool.

    Venngage will help you create free infographics. Free plan available.

    SumoPaint is an online image editor, without need to install anything to your device. It’s the most versatile photo editor and painting application that works in a browser. You can open and save images from your hard drive or save it to cloud.

    PosterMyWall Last but not least is the amazing Poster My Wall where you can create fantastic social media graphics, Video graphics and videos, recommended.

    Desygner is a free online graphics tool.

    Flixpress Create online video clips and graphics

    Vectr is a great free online vector graphics tool.

    IRFanView is an image converter, optimiser, batch processor and much more.

    Flaming Text is an animated text and logo creator.

    Typito is probably the best tool out there for creating text on video.

    Pablo will also help you create text.

    Panzoid is an intro clip maker

    Places To Get Great Free Graphics

    FreePix is a graphic search site with a massive collection of free video graphics. Pic up these excellent graphics below for your video projects.

    GraphicMama have some of the best free graphics on the web.

    Vector4Free has a good collection of free video graphics.

    FreePSDfiles has a great selection of free graphics.

    BestPSDfreebieshas a large collection of free downloads.

    PSDgraphics have a good selection of free PSD images.

    365PSD also have free images in PSD format.

    1001FreeDownload is a great site for getting free graphics, vectors, icons, clip art, photos, PSD files and more.

    Placeit the best place to get just about any mock up you can imagine. They also have a book cover maker, banner maker and logo maker.

    All Free Download have a huge collection of free graphics you can use for your video projects.

    Graphic Burger have a large selection of free design resources.

    Graphic Junction have a large selection of free images.

    The Hungry JPGoffer a large selection of great free images.

    VectEasy offer free vector images.

    VectorStock offer free vector images.

    DesignCuts offer free images, mock ups and templates.

    FreeVector has a great selection of free vector images.

    Follow my links and you'll find even more free original graphics and templates for videomakers.

    Have a great day.
  8. HiEnergy
    I've Got It
    I mostly use GIMP and Inkscape for creating artwork and thumbnails.
    Stock footage is available at videezy.com and videvo.net.
    Free fonts for banners and artwork can be previewed and downloaded at dafont.com.
    Vector graphics for artwork are available at openclipart.org
  9. Courtney Candice
    I Love YTtalk
    Awesome list thanks for the information:)
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  10. Spence Bailey
    Loving YTtalk
    Great list you have here. I will most likely be looking into a large amount if these when I get back to my desktop. I want to create unique banners and signature buttons for other forums but I have never been able to bring my visions to life for lack of skill and software .

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