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Family/Baby Channel First Video Ideas

Discussion in 'Scripts, Script Writing, Video Ideas & Planning' started by SGandbabyP, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. SGandbabyP

    I am looking into starting a channel about myself and my daughter Penelope who is 6 months old. I plan on doing DIY videos, vlogs, baby informative videos, room tours, stuff like that. Kind of like Bramty Juliette, OKbaby and other family youtube channels. I am just REALLY struggling with hopping into youtube. I have no idea what to do for my first video. I have considered sitting down and making a video about myself and my daughter and explain what the channel will be about but I just think it may be kind of lame and awkward. Any ideas would be awesome!
  2. Rolz
    YTtalk Mad
    I think an intro into what your channel aims to cater for/be about it is definitely important. I think it's only going tot be lame and awkward if you make it that way. You could record yourself playing with your baby or doing something funny with her in the background/foreground and then voice over it/speak when you're not playing :p (perhaps taking your baby for a walk/playing outside and recording whilst she's in the background) I'm not an expert on this nor I do have kids so don't quote me on anything! Just my 2 cents!
  3. Ralph Mickey
    Well-Known Member
    By what I have read/viewed (here and elsewhere), watch vids of people who make ones in your genre. You have mentioned a couple. And while you are watching them, make notes of things that they did do well / what they forgot to do and maybe things you can do better - more detailed ?

    Maybe some covered one point of having a child but has anyone covered tips to make mom feel better ? or maybe some hacks on motherhood ?

    I guess just basically see what is missing or what you would want to see when you watch one of their vids.
  4. Boris Qs
    Loving YTtalk
    I think it all boils down to the WHY question. Why do you want to create the channel, is it to educate other moms on the mistakes you made or have learned from others

    Is it just to document your kids life? like Ralph Mickey mentioned above is it for other moms, what they forgot to do and maybe things you can do better ?

    Answering the why?, will give you more than enough ideas to start with. Then you can start narrowing down to the niche keywords of the niche idea you choose.

    Nothing entertaining or educational is lame or awkward. I like to look at it as being Unique.

    For example on my channel My why? Is to show others who are starting out on YouTube like myself, How to steps on getting their channel running in Good standing with youtube, and the Mechanics of getting their videos noticed.

    I also share the mistakes I made hoping it will help others to bypass the same mistakes. Hope that helps
  5. lilmoogz
    i recently started a channel about our newborn baby too. my wife and i are doing it as more of a hobby to keep our videos on youtube and to share with family. we are trying to do how to videos, baby reactions, timelapse videos and eventually want to branch into toy unboxings/reviews. so far my how to videos have really taken off (maybe cause of my thumbnails lol) you could try what a previous posted mentioned and do motherhood hacks

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