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Does this frustrate anyone else?

Discussion in 'YouTube Chat, Gossip & Help' started by ColdNuggetz, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. ColdNuggetz
    New Member
    I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets frustrated by this, but does anyone else get frustrated when they see other channels clearly not putting in as much effort having more success than you? I usually watch other channels that are bigger than me in my niche so I can learn and apply some strategies they do, but every now and then I come across a channel that has been on youtube around the same length as I have, and they have 10 times more subs but their videos are clearly inferior to mine. I'm not saying my videos are the best on youtube, I know my vids aren't as good as many other youtubers and that's why I try to learn from them, but its hard not to see when someone else's videos have no effort and no passion put into them. Yet some of these channels get way more subs. It just makes me feel like youtube is all about luck, not the quality of your videos.
  2. Courtney Candice
    I Love YTtalk
    No I don’t like to think My content is better than anyone else’s content. But I do get annoyed when I get a channel with little to videos advertise on my channel, it feels like the completely ignored all my work and felt the need to advertise a channel with no videos on my video.
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  3. videoeditgr
    I Love YTtalk
    As in real life, money and connections talk.
    The rest (we) walk the looooooooooong path...
    :) XD :p
    No reason for frustration.

    In some cases I do.
    In other cases I think I am average or below.
    It is so subjective though...
    I once (as in other post have said) watched a really "wow" video.
    Talked to anyone about, asked for collaborations,
    I would be happy if anyone (even not including me) did an effort to bring
    this kind of (let's say) cinematography to the wedding business.
    A poem, narration, emotions and secondly all this show off
    of droning, sliders, jibs, stabilizers taking the couple to "unique" places for studio shooting etc.

    The result? everybody said "it is not in the fashion".
    ok, let's do it. After several months I got a couple willing to participate.
    The result as a production was mediocre.
    I loved it, the couple did but it was mediocre tbh.
    All people rejected my idea that saw it gone:
    "needed better lighting"
    "needed more stabilised shots"
    "needed more tight edits"
    and so.

    EDIT: now I am frustrated!
    remembering a friend saying that the poem didn't deserve this luck!...
    hahaha! ok dear...
    I never told him that I had clearance from the poet
    and he approved it before uploading in public...

    scr*w them.
    "if you can do it better, just do it, don't sit in your b*t and judge"

    In previous channel I was subscribed to many pros on weddings and christenings
    the same on vimeo and some forums on this topic also cinematography.
    It was time to say goodbye.

    Bottomline and
    Answering to the original post.
    You watch others to get better. To get ideas. To connect with others.
    ...not to get frustrated....
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    Last edited: Apr 15, 2018
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  4. aydin
    I auctally do. There is some guy (i don't want to name him) he has like about 1k subs and he flexs on people like me that have about 300 subscribers, KEEP IN MIND. this guy is a subbotter and i can prove he has 1k subs but like 3k views, and me I have 323 i think now and 36k views, i made a rant on him but didn't tell people to hate on him and he told all of his friends and family to dislike bot my channel and report my video on him. and i got taken down. i kinda agree now on new youtube all about the luck, not the quality. also the guy makes horrible videos such as "OMG MOST EXTREME VIDEO!!!!"
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  5. Jackie Pearce
    YouTuber, writer, nerd, sushi lover
    A lot of YouTube is about the ability to network and use social media platforms outside of the site. So their videos might be similar but they're doing a lot of things outside of that to promote their channels.
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  6. Gaijillionaire
    I've got a yen for being in Japan!
    Yea I’m with you! My stuff is better than some of the stuff out there. I haven’t seen everything but I’ve seen some stuff that makes me wonder how it got 100k views.

    Three types really bug me

    1- the gamer channels that basically just show off games they have bought and ask people to send them stuff and eventually just become them showing off free stuff they get!! So not only do they start a rolling income from the channel they get $100s of free stuff from idiots willing to send it to them

    2- The channel that somehow got a cult following and they know there’s a guaranteed 50k on whatever they do so they just phone it in

    3- women! Yea I might get in trouble here! It’s not every woman out there but there’s a lot who try to look cutesy in the thumbnail and so, a bunch of dumb guys click on to look at her and then the comments are filled with comments like you’re beautiful or marry me. All those comments boost the video up meanwhile the video itself isn’t really about anything. Hate on me if you want, It happens in many genres
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  7. TheDutchTexan
    I Love YTtalk
    YouTube isn't about luck or quality. It has to do with the person. Some people just have that "X" factor. That factor that makes people want to follow those people. You clearly don't have that. Don't worry, I don't have that either. I know my videos are put together better than some others in my segment. It's a fact. But, what is also a fact is that I just don't have what it takes to get people to like me. Not to the tone of 100K subscribers anyway. But I have been doing it for a long time, and have had a lot of fun with it. And I will continue to have a lot of fun with it. I think making comparisons is human, everyone does that. But it is up to you to make that an issue that sucks the life out of your work or just accept the reality and continue to do what you are doing. It is a fact that once you hit a certain level you can produce crap and still get the views. The herd effect does that. It is easier to subscribe and stay subscribed to a huge YouTube channel than to subscribe to a small one.
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  8. Annie's Vegan Journey
    I've Got It
    I don't get annoyed or frustrated as such, but I do get confused. I'm just happy doing what I do and try not to compare my stuff with others. I do feel like it's a struggle to grow my channel but I would rather more views than subs these days. I'm happy for other people's success on their channel and know that my efforts will eventually pay off one day, I hope lol!. I think people sub more for your personality than the bulk of your content sometimes and maybe others relate to others personalities more than mine. But that's life!
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  9. evoloz
    I've Got It
    I think you just about summed up life, there will always be people who work harder but achieve less. Be it at school where some people just find it easier to get good grades even with little studying to business where there must be loads of little coffee shops that are better than Costa yet don't get so much business, it's just kind of how the world works in my opinion, so no it doesn't really frustrate me :)
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  10. Shendijiro
    Gaming is my Passion
    Life is like that, life is unfair with a lot of us but that's life. Some people got it easier than others.
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