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Does anyone upload daily? If so, did you see changes in your channel growth?

Discussion in 'Strategies & Technique Advice' started by The Breaker, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. Johnny Dee
    I've Got It
    Unless you are some kind of genius that can come up with interesting content everyday, you are just cluttering Youtube u with a lot of crap. Say to yourself, "would I watchthis video?
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  2. Tv Head Greg
    Liking YTtalk
    I've been uploading daily for the last 2 months on my gaming channel. Daily uploads allow me to keep a schedule for myself so that I can plan around my real life. I work at night and have a new video everyday.

    If I am busy with work or have some extra time, I plan around my real life to maximize my upload schedule.

    Self promotion works well for me as well. I post to my Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit about my videos. I also share my videos on forums as well. Some of my videos are watched more than others so I am still playing with my strategy.

    I hope your future endeavours bear fruit. Check out my channel to see what I'm talking about.
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  3. EVO
    I Love YTtalk
    I switched to daily uploads during March and my videos are definitely receiving less views. But I am persevering.
    I always uploaded at 1200hrs midday GMT and have pushed it back to 1600hrs GMT and have enjoyed an increase in views.
    After another week or so I might move the schedule again to 2000hrs to see if there is a difference? Still trying to find the sweet spot.
  4. GiovaGames
    I have been uploading daily since the beginning (7 months), never saw that huge "omg algorithm notice me" thingy. I think that the deal to grow is actually to make REALLY but really good content that can go viral. I recently changed my modus operandis (or however that is called xD) and saw a HUGE change. Last month I got 296 subs. We are at 04/06/2017 and I got 272 for the month of april!. The only thing I changed was from 6 videos a week to 1 GOOD video a week and stream everyday.
  5. Forbesman
    New Member
    Strange but I see many channels in "Nursery Rhymes" and "Play-Doh" sector upload 2 videos per day and they perform insanely good ...
  6. Messages:
    I tried an experiment where I uploaded my main videos (reviews, critiques, top 10s, etc) every Friday and released a let's play video every other day; I did this for about a month and noticed that my main videos were performing about the same, but the let's play videos were only getting a handful of views. I also noticed my subscriber count decreasing and the only conclusion I could draw was that people who subscribed for my main content got burnt out seeing a video from me everyday, when they were only interested in the Friday videos.

    Now I only upload once a week and occasionally twice and I've actually seen more growth in views and subscribers. So at least for my channel, daily is too much.
  7. KiddieToysReview
    I Love YTtalk
    It depends on sub numbers. A 100 sub channel can upload 5 videos per day and get 20 views on their first video and 1 view on their fifth. LittleBabyBum can load 5 per day and crack 250k on each easily. As sub numbers grow different dynamics kick in. Same for seo. A large channel can go seo naked and pull more views in a hour than a 1k channel all seod out in a week.
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  8. JesusGreen
    Posting Mad!
    I switched from twice a week to daily and it's been great. The algorithm absolutely favours upload frequency. Your videos will simply rank higher and be recommended more often if you upload daily than if you upload less frequently, it's just the way YouTube works. That said, they still have to be good videos. If YouTube sees that your videos are performing worse and worse every time, then upload frequency won't help you.

    If you do go daily, learn some time management. When I first started going daily I didn't even really have time to reply to comments etc some days because between planning, recording, editing, making thumbnails, uploading and doing my other daily routines (meditation, workouts, cardio etc) I basically had like 1-2 hours of free time maximum left each day, and they'd be at like 2-3am because I was kept up so late working. I was being very time inefficient.

    Now I try to do everything in batches. Record 7 videos in one day. Edit 7 videos on the next day. Make thumbnails + title/tag/describe 7 videos on the next day. Plan next week's videos on the day after, etc. It's much more manageable, and now that I've got into the rhythm of it, it doesn't feel that much more difficult than 2 videos a week was. (Although it does eat up a fair bit more time)

    Prior to going daily I noticed that I only recognised a few of my subscribers. I didn't get that many comments on my videos and interaction was fairly low. Also some of my videos that weren't about the main subject through which most people discovered my channel (lucid dreaming) would just be dead in the water right from the start.

    When I started going daily I started getting a "notification squad". Subscribers who would immediately be on my video the minute it released, commenting, liking, etc. Now I have a whole bunch of regulars who I recognise because they're in the comments under every single video. A little community is starting to form. They're even answering each others questions and engaging with each other etc.

    Perhaps one of the best parts is also that those videos that aren't about lucid dreaming get more views now. Still not as many as the lucid dreaming videos, but a lot more than before. Why? Simple. Since a lot of my subscribers are used to watching my videos every single day, they watch them ALL, regardless of what the video is about.

    Another good aspect of releasing daily videos is that for the first 12 hours or so of a video's release, the views that video is getting are sometimes more than my most heavily trafficked videos get in a similar period of time. So by having videos constantly releasing every day it's like having an additional popular video that's drawing in a lot of traffic constantly - even if each individual video's views die down after those 12 hours.
  9. SimplyAlexTV
    Active Member
    i guess it depends more on the perfect timing than on the amount of videos per day / week. any of you experimented with different timezones? as for me i'm starting a web development tutorial series next week (content english) but i'm from germany so i guess it would be wise to time it for US timezones? any advice?
  10. dech
    I try and upload once or twice a day if possible. When starting out its good to build a archive of videos so that you are less dependent on your most recent upload. The more videos you have the more people can find you. It is a balance of quantity vs quality. I would try to get to 200 videos as fast as you can without putting out things are you ashamed of. Get a base and then slow down if needed. But if you have less than 100 videos you will grow slow as well most the time. I'm getting close to my 700th upload in about a hear and a half.

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