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Are you also going to stay up all night and play battlefield 1?

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Aug 24, 2016
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Man Child Matt here! I made a two funny videos surrounding Battlefield 1 - Beta (soon to be three funny Videos). I am preparing for Battlefield 1 when it comes out next month. I am sure there are others out there preparing as well! Does anyone else have any fun videos surrounding Battlefield 1? Do you play Battlefield 1 as a youtuber?

I am preparing to stay up all night when the game does come out - twitch maybe? Anyone else feel the same way? What are your thoughts if you played Battlefield 1 Beta? Are you excited? Let me know!

My funny Battlefield Video.

Thanks for watching! Any feedback appreciated!

More funny battlefield videos to come! I do funny voices as well. Do you need some? Hit me up! I would love to collaborate with others!​
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