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D.I.Y Branding and Design & Why it is important...

Discussion in 'Branding & Design' started by VoidTranceYT, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. VoidTranceYT
    Liking YTtalk
    Hey Guys basically for my channel art and banners and social CTA's I made myself from the ground up, in my opinion i do believe that making your own channel art is super important, Why:

    1) It has been created by you and you can make it anything you want
    2) You don't have to spend money to get someone to make it for you
    3) It will be unique and although it may not be the best thing in the world people will notice you put in the effort and time to make your own art

    My advice on making good channel art is definitely include your name and something personal to you, maybe your face or a cartoon of yourself or something you can connect with that splits it apart from other art as that will draw people in.

    Finally get as much feedback as possible, one thing i wish i had done is ask as many people as possible what they thought of it and make necessary changes before i started my channel as this can mean you can fix any mistakes or fix any details that you may have missed

    That's pretty much all the advice i can give to recap:
    1) Create it Yourself!
    2) Saves you money
    3) It will be unique

    If i missed any important things do leave it as a response! I hope this can help you guys out!
  2. CramBeats
    Idiot who makes music
    i also think its improtant..there are many great free tools out there to use..and i also made my channel art all by myself :)
    i should finally start working on my channel trailer lol
  3. bodaniel
    I've Got It
    I feel inspired by your comments on this because I think this is very true. I have once paid for a logo which i was initially very happy with, however upon reflection I'm not that happy with it anymore. I definitely think If I spend the time and effort into making something myself I will have a set of skills I can use to update this whenever I want!
  4. avrona
    Well-Known Member
    Should that be from my audience or not? Because if so, well I could have a problem since I only get around 1 comment a month.

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