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Services Custom Banners, Logos &Thumbnails

Daniel Withell

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Aug 4, 2016
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Hey all! My name is Dan, Otherwise known as Swifty, and I've been making graphics for the best part of two years, producing a wide range of GFX. Primarily, I tend to focus on Banners, Logos and thumbnails and Overlays (eg facecam / stream overlays) however I can still produce multiple style of Graphics whilst still maintaining professionalism.
If you would like any graphics, then here is my price list which is still very affordable:
Thumbnail: £2
Logo: £3
Banner: £3
Stream Overlays £2

For any enquiries or further details, please contact me on Twitter: Iswifty_HD
Or email me: codpalyz74@gmail.com
Thank you for reading, and I hope I can work with you soon! Have a nice day :)

Here are a few of my past designs in which I have produced for other clients and for myself:
hqdefaultEJO04ERZ.jpg twitch webcam.jpg hqdefault4KK5Y8UV.jpg

twiutch overlay 1.png yyyyyyy.jpg