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Music creative [EDM, Dubstep] Musicians for founding of a Artistsgroup wanted!

Discussion in 'Music' started by Cloud Official, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. Cloud Official
    New Member
    Hi everybody,

    As described in detail in the title, the founding of a record label or a music group is planned, and i am looking for similar people who are also active in the field of professional Music / Video-production, and with the idea of making themselves independent in these areas in the future.

    The main focus of this music group should be a mutual exchange of expertise.
    Be it from the recording to the cut, the rendering ..... or the creation of songs by Daw's like Ableton 9Live, Cubebase..Massive ...Serum....

    Main areas of this group of artists:
    - Mutual exchange of expertise in video production
    - Mutual exchange of expertise in music production
    - Placement of expertise in SEO, marketing .. areas
    - exchange of programming experience (PHP, Html, css ....)
    - own Teamspeak 3 - Server
    - ...
    - to have fun at music production :pompus:

    What i am looking for:
    - creative Content creator in the areas of Music / Video production (main area: EDM, Drum'n Bass, Glitch Hop, Dubstep ...)
    - min. Age 18-31 years

    Some references:
    3D Animations to the mood of the Musicvideo. (Particles)

    Finished product:

    The Game (Still in development)

    ...and a lots more on my Channel.

    are you interested? Then write me here or to my e-mail.

    Kind regards

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