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Mar 31, 2016
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Youtuber, Director, Animator
Hey guys, just like the title says, I'm looking to collab with other animators to bring our projects to life. I'm looking for a small team of maybe 3-4 animators at most so we can keep a good variety of videos pumping through. Here's the great news though, I have two musicians ready to make us music, I have two artists who can make character designs, backgrounds, logos and banners, I also have voice actors who are willing to work for free and finally I have someone who can mix the audio for us. I want to make a dream team of people who are willing to help one another out. I have a project myself, which will be worked on in the background of everything else. So I'll pitch my idea right now so you can see how serious I am if what I mentioned earlier just isn't enough to convince you yet.

This world is infected with zombies. And some have begun to change into something bigger, smarter and faster. Wickeds. Wickeds are half human and half zombie, and because of this, they are somehow able to unlock super powers. Ramiro is a wicked. The first wicked. He has the unique ability to control other zombies and wickeds, and the power of the Avien Core. Edwin our Protagonist also is a wicked. However he does not know this and believes himself to be somewhat human. His power is the ability to transform/mutate his right arm into a monster arm and also the power of the Avien Core.

The Avien Core is something that's gonna play a huge role in the series but it comes more into play towards the 3rd season.

So Edwin our protagonist lives in what is known as a Fallen City. Fallen cities are what's left of the old civilization before the apocalypse. Humanity basically did what humanity did in attack on Titan. And if you haven't seen it, they just built walls around them like a cage to keep the titans out, although what's different with mine is that the outer most layer is just cement, the middle layer is more fortified and even has soldiers posted alongside the top of the walls and finally the third wall is the most protected wall. Your wealth and family's name pretty much decides which layer you're behind. High class is in the 3rd, and the poor class is behind the outer most layer.

Each Fallen City has a member of the council as a sort of president or king. They have the power to control their troops, to make laws and they have the power of judge. However if the other council members feel that a law one of them has created is unfair or unjust, then they have a vote not including the one who made the law, and then if they have more votes for the law to be taken down, then the council will override the law.

Edwin, he is running away from his Fallen City's council member, Albert. He's not important in season 1 but he is in the later seasons. Edwin in the beginning is escaping from the fallen city. He makes it outside and is greeted by the cold breeze that he has never felt before. Edwin sadly has a case of amnesia due to the Torture and expirements that Albert had performed on him. So Edwin now outside begins to enjoy himself and makes the mistake of forgetting the existence of zombies.

Edwin makes the mistake of making some noise and he gets the attention of nearby zombies. Soon the zombies surround Edwin and in fear he freezes up. This is the first time he's seen zombies. Lucky for him Carlos, one of the Survivors leaders, just so happened to be tracking the horde of zombies that Edwin accidentally attracted. Carlos saves Edwin and invites him to his camp, he joins Carlos.

The Survivors is a group that Carlos, Salvador and Isaiah created after the apocalypse. They're the main reason why the fallen cities have been safe. They be been taking care of zombies before they reach the walls. Why? Because of Ramiro. He's been sending fleets and horses of zombies to take over fallen cities for his master plan.

What's Ramiro's master plan you ask? Plain and simple. To use his power to become the king of the world, and the first step is to turn humanity into his army and into his slaves for the new world he plans to build.

Carlos eventually tells Edwin about their fight against Ramiro. He invites Edwin to join the Survivors. Edwin of course does.

Fast forward down the road after the training, the character development and introductions of other characters.

Okay! Now to the fun bit. Edwin is fully ready and now has his own squad. The final fight against Ramiro was about to begin. And Edwin asks Carlos if he can be the decoy instead. Carlos knew it was a suicide mission which was why he felt he should be the distraction. Because he could never ask his men to sacrifice themselves if he wasn't willing to do it himself. After a debate Carlos agrees. And that's it. I won't let anything else come out.

So if you want to join this dream team, then just reply below and give us some of your previous work. We don't have high standards. If you'd like to work with a group and have help that's hard to find elsewhere, then we would be happy to have you join our team.

One last thing, I already have another animator in this group. So far it's just me and him.


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Sep 1, 2017
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I am a 100 per cent willing to join and help you. Interested? (-;
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