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Other Clothing Business Partner / Designer

Discussion in 'Other' started by RhysCoward, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. RhysCoward
    New Member
    I'm looking into starting a clothing line and sponsoring different youtubers but i need some people to join me below are some different jobs that need doing

    Head Partner
    mainly looking for someone with 100+ interactive subscribers to promote to
    professionally minded
    serious enquires only this is not being employed but instead having a partnership
    some sort of qualification in business or basic level knowledge (Not needed but recommended)
    You would be 2nd in command to the owner, Rhys

    you would be 3rd in command and need a creative eye for clothing.
    no subscriber requirements as you wouldn't nee to be a promotor unless you wanted to.
    MUST have a up to date portfolio

    Promotors / Affiliates
    Must have 100+ active subscribers
    NOT employed to the business
    Would take a 10% of every sale
    payment is not guaranteed you would take a % of sales

    Send me a message if your interested in any of the roles

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