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Citing Sources

Discussion in 'Copyright, Claims, Strikes & Legal Discussion' started by Zach Werre, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Zach Werre
    Active Member
    I know a lot of videos/channels don't include sources, myself included, but it was something I wanted to start doing. I was kind of upset at one channel for claiming something was real and didn't bother to cite a source to prove that it was indeed true. I then realized that was I essentially doing the same thing in my videos, making claims without showing where I got them from.

    So my question is, how should I cite sources in my videos? Would it be best to just include links to all of my sources in the description? Maybe have all of my sources listed at the end of the video? Any recommendations would be helpful.
  2. Shakycow
    I Love YTtalk
    The easiest would be links in the description. That way you could simply say, "For more information, please see the description." without having to go into too much extra detail. Not to mention, if the information ever changes or if you find a better source, you have the ability to add to or change it at a later date.

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