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Choosing a Channel Name

Discussion in 'Branding & Design' started by Michael, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Michael
    I Love YTtalk
    Choosing a channel name is something that is normally straight forward for a lot of people but for many it can also be a big decision especially for YouTube.

    The problem with choosing a channel name.

    YouTube has millions of daily users and thousands of sign ups every single day resulting in a lack of good free usernames/channel names. This results in many people going for things like "Shadow292838xxx" when they really would have liked Shadow if given the choice.

    The second problem with choosing one is that you will want something related to your videos you will be doing, it would look awfully odd seeing MichaelsMakeup and for me to do videos on how to fix toilets. They just dont go together and what you want to do is go for something either related or something generic that allows you to do videos on almost anything if you are undecided for example MichaelsTutorials is generic enough to cover all kinds of tutorials everything from Photoshopping to even fixing that toilet from before. Another route is to choose something even more generic like "WalkableFlat" something which is completely unrelated to anything. It is always better to choose something related if you can though as you will be building a brand around this name and you want people to remember you as much as possible and this includes using your channel name as something that will stick!

    How to Choose One

    Always have a long hard think and sit down writing as many as you can think of and then at the YouTube sign up page checking name availability from the list and seeing what you can take. If theyre all taken repeat and try again on another list. When you have some that you like that are preferably related to what you will be doing then narrow the list down, ask a friend who doesnt use YouTube or a family member but dont publicly ask elsewhere as if its a good one someone might take it before you, believe me it happens with domain names and will happen on a site like YouTube.

    For those who will be building a website around their YouTube channel or as a related website to your channel it could be a good idea to make sure both your channel name and domain name is available before going ahead with it. For example if you were signing up as "xxxShadowsxxx" on YouTube and were trying to brand it further in the future you may struggle to get a good memorable domain name so try and avoid numbers and random letters if you can. Its good having both the same if you are thinking big.

    Take Your Time

    Always take your time when choosing a new YouTube channel username, this will be something that represents you and will be with you for a long time and through your successes. Go for something memorable and when you narrow down that list you will know you have the right one. Don't rush and choose one just because it will do and take as long as you need. You will find the right one in the end.

    I wish you every success in choosing a great username for your YouTube channel.

    Thanks for reading :)
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  2. Gourmet Gamer
    YTtalk Mad
    Also be careful because if you pick a name and decide to change it later, and you close the original channel, the name will be gone forever. I major flaw in the system in my opinion.
  3. Noelle
    Nerdy/Writing/Advice Vlogger
    Great advice! I wish I would have spent more time on my 2nd channel "randomboatfilms".
  4. FireshockHD
    Gaming review`s fireshock moment
    Nice tips trying to a YT username that has not been used is a nightmare :crying: But lucky for me I reserach the name of my new channel and there where no channels with the same names I was shocked pun intended :)

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