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Channel(s) for traveling / events and a dog


Loving YTtalk
Apr 1, 2017
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I'll be adopting a dog from an animal shelter very soon and thought it would be cool to make some videos with and about the good boy - I know it's not a new idea and many people do this ;)
My current channel has a few videos about holidays and concerts/ events and I'm uploading maybe 3 times a year. I don't want to spam a ton of dog videos to this channel as I also don't want to lose the subscribers (even tough there are not many :D ) as I guess they are mainly there for the travel videos.
So my idea was to create a new channel where I'm going to upload the dog videos and I thought of uploading something like a "highlight video" maybe every 2 months or so to my current channel. Of course I would try to cross-promote a bit :D
Do you think this could work out or should I leave the dog videos just to the new channel? Or maybe you've got some better advice or anything I didn't think of?
Thanks in advance :)