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Channel feedback

Discussion in 'Reviews & Channel Feedback' started by YaBoiiClark, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. YaBoiiClark
    Hello fellow YTTalker!

    So, I've been on YouTube for about 7 1/2 years, going on 8 this March. I've been stuck in the 170+ subscriber range area for years. What should I do to get people to notice my content?
  2. Fearnbus25
    I've Got It
    So, just on first glance of your channel, and what you're content is, I didn't really see any rhyme or reason to it, which isn't always a bad thing but also it can pose a minor setback to you're channel because if you are just uploading anything and everything and don't really stick to you certain subject or certain few subjects, a person may watch one of you're videos and really enjoy it, but then they watch other videos of yours and they have a completely different subject so the person doesn't like them in which case they don't subscribe and just leave right away. On youtube, the thing that gets me to subscribe to people is when they have content that I like and they stick to that content (whatever it might be), so if I enjoy a few of their videos, I'll subscribe and stick around because I want to see more stuff like that, but I won't subscribe to someone who just post videos of anything and everything because I have no idea if I'll enjoy any of their other content besides the video that I just watched so I move on. Also, I would get a regular upload schedule, this isn't a huge thing but it's one of those minor changes that can really help, if you have a upload schedule then people know when to expect your next video, and can look forward to it, but I guess going against that, it depends on what kind of content you have, if you play games or have a show or something, then definitely stick to a schedule, but if you have other content such as vlogs, or videos that take time and effort to make and you just post them when they are ready, I don't think having a schedule is that important. I hope this helped at a least a little bit, best of luck to you my friend
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