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Can Someone Explain SEO

Discussion in 'YouTube Video Marketing, Strategy & SEO' started by Angelica, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. Angelica
    I've Got It
    I'm very active on YouTube, my channel etc. I also use Google trends, and keywords but what exactly is SEO
  2. Brewin
    I've Got It
    SEO is an acronym for "Search Engine Optimization". It very literally means to optimize your content so that it is
    1. easier for search engines to index and present
    2. easier for the end user to find you via the search engine.

    Using Google Trends is great as you can make keywords from whatever may be trending. Make sure the keywords you use are relevant to your video! As for keywords, don't just use them in your tags, make sure to put your most relevant ones also in the description of your video! Try to stick to long tail keywords, or keywords with 3, 4 or more words in them. They will be much easier to rank your video off of as they are extremely more defined and specific to the video you are marketing.

    If you have an active adsense account (I believe you do need a campaign running also) you can use Google keyword planner. Insert a word or phrase and it will give you similar keywords based upon it and how often they are searched. I typically like to use keywords that have been searched 1000-9000 times a month. I'd stay away from the ones that get hit millions of times, those are more likely to be used by many of people and very hard to rank!

    I'm sure i hit more bases with this post than you've expected, but to try and explain SEO and what it exactly is would be difficult. There are so many ways to do it right and to do it wrong. I can try and assist you as well as I can possible if you have any questions feel free to ask them!
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  3. MrPRinson
    i think its best for you to read Moz's blog if you are interested in knowing more about SEO. could be very useful
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  4. Political Junkie News
    Loving YTtalk
    I think @Brewin makes a great intro to the concept of SEO, so let me expand a bit.
    On a practical level, when writing your title, tags, and description, it's important to consider what people will actually be typing into the youtube search bar when they find your video.
    For this reason, it's important that your title, tags, and description compliment each other in terms of what words appear in them; when all three of those things work together, the YouTube algorithm becomes your friend.
    If you're looking for some explanations on how to do this effectively, I would check out Roberto Blake's YouTube channel. Search for a video of his on the topic of SEO and go to town. You'll learn a lot.
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  5. Sai
    New Member
    SEO consists of on-page SEO, which is everything you with your video file and YouTube upload, and off-page SEO, which is all the backlinks, embeds, social signals etc.
    There are tools like My IM Place Syndicator, which can rank you fast or at least help your rankings for sure.
    I'll let you know here when I have a link to some cool guide, but the one above comes with on-page optimization ebook, which is killer.

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