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Can I add new owner to my YT channel to apply for YPP?


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May 26, 2019
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I had a Youtube channel that was shut down many years ago due to copyright claims, but i didn't appeal because it violated TOS.
However, my linked adsense still survive and is still working for website ads.

And since then every YT channel that I have created, will soon be terminated once I started linking to my adsense account.
I guess that due to the TOS says once channel is terminated, the "user" is banned permanently from creating new channel?

Few years gone by, this year i created a new channel, with proper content (non violating).
Now i have around 100k subscribers and the channel is doing so far so good.
The problem is, i dare not to apply for monetization, afraid that youtube might link up and terminate this channel.

My question is, can i
1) Add a secondary owner to my channel, so that he can apply YPP by creating an adsense account? (need to wait for grace period?)
2) Add my friend as owner and remove myself as owner, then he apply for YPP?

I was told a new owner to channel cannot apply for YPP. Is it true?
and I saw somewhere I can apply through MCN? I approached BBTV but they said they can't accept my channel unless it's already approved by YPP.

Do you guys have any suggestion how can i apply monetization?


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Nov 25, 2012
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Market Harborough, Leicestershire, England
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No suggestions as to "how to apply monetization"; but a suggestion of a different sort.

Stop trying to cheat YouTube and bend the rules. The channel you're trying to monetize should never have existed in the first place and you know it! Also if you remove yourself as channel owner, and your friend connects to his Adsense, IF that channel is accepted to the YPP, you no longer have any legal claim to revenue that channel makes, and rightfully so.