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Build your own logo and intro over phone apps

Discussion in 'Branding & Design' started by UnboxingSve, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. UnboxingSve
    Well-Known Member
    Hello everybody,
    Recently I found out about these two apps for mobile phone which can be very useful for new youtube channels that cannot afford to pay for logo design or some intro. These two apps I find very easy to use so everybody can handle them. There are many apps like these available, but I found these two to deliver what they state. I am not so proud of my work, but it will do the job for now since I have only 140 subscribers :)

    The first app for text to the intro is Legend (I left the link but now I cannot create the thread with links so I needed to remove them) You will see intro videos that I made with it in some of my next videos.

    The second app for building logos is Logo Maker Plus (same as above with link)
    Find below logo that I build within a half hour. If you have ideas how I can improve it (colors, some different icons, etc, let me know)

    I hope you will find them useful and that you will create some interesting content with them :) Logo_PNG.png Logo_siva.jpg

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