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Vlog Brighton teen vlogger's hang out?

Discussion in 'Vlogs & Vloggers' started by Alfie Mann, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Alfie Mann
    New Member
    Hey there everyone, my name is Alfie and on Saturday/Sunday I will be travelling to brighton...
    Anyone free to meet up and hang out and vlog and do some stuff... Just play games on the pier and create a fun vlog for all channels involved?

    I have a special thing happening at the end of May/Start of June:
    I may contact people from the event to be a part of this with a very special production company :)

    Keep an eye out for my next video:
    YT - Alfie Mann
    Twitter - @MrAlfieMann
    Insta - @alfie.mann13

    Thanks -
    Alfie :)

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