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Meet Up/Gathering body actors needed. Need halo 5


Sep 17, 2017
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Ohio, USA
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Hello! As you can see I am asking for body actors for scenes I need in halo 5. Usually I have people that help do that, but unfortunately, most are unreliable. For the machinima, it is based after halo 4 and based on a planet named "Hope" A planet far from the galaxy and was in the unsc's grasp until the Covenant decide to take a shot at destroying said world. UNSC leaves and abandons the city, letting the planet fend for itself and does quite well, repealing the covenant. When the UNSC returns, the planet declares independence from them. This story is based of a retired spartan who gets framed from his family's death. As he tries to get redemption, he slowly realizes that he's facing one of the most powerful gangs in the world.

For actors, I do ask if you can message "Galact1cStorm55" and ask if you're interested. I do scenes from 8pm eastern up until 10 pm for once a week. usually on a week day. Thanks!