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Best Media Outlets to advertise your channel on!

Discussion in 'YouTube Video Marketing, Strategy & SEO' started by J0eyy, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. J0eyy
    I've Got It
    I have plenty of outlets I advertise on to get views, a MAIN and really good one is right here on yttalk! If you have a link setup correctly and post VERY frequently like I do, helps get exposure from other youtubers.

    Another good source is through twitter! Twitter can be used in various different ways, from using retweet bots, to growing your fan base through big youtubers, twitter is a great and reliable source for media outlets.

    Facebook is a great way to advertise your channel and videos, find youtuber groups and post your channel and videos on, I have gotten a decent number of my views from there.

    I hope everyone enjoyed my guide and I hope it helps :D

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